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Van and surveyorsIf you have discovered an Asbestos Containing Material in your property, first of all don’t panic. Just because you have discovered asbestos does not mean you or your family are automatically at risk of exposure. The important thing to do is assess the material and work out what needs to be done to minimise any ongoing issues. If left alone the ACM is likely to be perfectly safe. For it to pose a risk it would need to be disturbed in such a way that might give rise to airborne fibres.

It’s also important to know that if your property was built before 2000 your architect/builder should have commissioned a pre-refurbishment asbestos survey before any works started. This type of survey is designed to identify any asbestos containing material that may be disturbed during the planned works. Failure to do this can lead to an uncontrolled release of asbestos which can ultimately lead to exposure of those in the property as well as considerable expense and delays while the contamination is cleaned up by a specialist asbestos removal contractor.

Our Analysts’ are equipped with mobile laboratories and can undertake all types of asbestos testing and surveying for you, whether it’s a simple air test or a Four Stage Clearance Test. On completion of the testing we will issue with certification which will state that it safe to occupy the property if that’s the case or make any recommendations if any asbestos containing material needs to be removed.


Save money and time with one of our DIY Asbestos Testing Kits.

Our DIY Asbestos Testing Kits allow one off and/or domestic customers to sample lower risk suspect asbestos materials yourselves.

Step 1: We provide clear instructions and the correct equipment for collecting the sample
Step 2: Once the samples have been collected they are then returned to us for analysis at our base laboratory
Step 3: Results are provided back to the customer

We charge an initial fee to send out the kit and then offer a discounted analysis rate reducing the cost for one off or domestic testing and of course no call out fee is required.

Watch this video to learn more about our DIY Asbestos testing Kits.

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