Vintec de-bunks five of the industry’s biggest asbestos myths.

Asbestos Myth 1: Breathing in just one asbestos fibre can kill you

Health risks are related to a person’s asbestos exposure – typically, the higher the exposure, the higher the risks. However, even occasional, low doses of asbestos can still be potentially dangerous. Iit’s important to take care when working with suspected asbestos containing materials, and always take professional advice if you are unsure.

Asbestos Myth 2:  There is only one type of asbestos

Asbestos is a group of six minerals. The six types of asbestos are chrysotile, actinolite, amosite, anthophyllite, crocidolite and tremolite. All types of asbestos are considered dangerous.

Asbestos Myth 3: I suspect there is asbestos in my home and should remove it

Homeowners should never attempt to remove asbestos without employing a professional. If suspected asbestos containing materials are disturbed, fibres can be released and become airborne, potentially exposing people to asbestos. A qualified surveyor will come and take samples to test for asbestos and can then can safely make appropriate recommendations for any next steps.

Asbestos Myth 4: Asbestos always has to be removed when found

If the asbestos containing materials are in good condition, asbestos professionals may recommend managing the asbestos by encapsulating materials to protect it from being disturbed in the future. However, if the asbestos is in poor condition or is located in an area that makes it much more likely it could be damaged or disturbed, professionals may recommend removing the asbestos containing materials, by using a qualified removal specialist.

Asbestos Myth 5: “White asbestos (chrysotile) is not dangerous”

White asbestos is a carcinogen and therefore dangerous. Although chrysotile is not classed as being as dangerous as the other forms of asbestos, it should still be treated with the same precautions as other forms of asbestos.

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