Buying a new home is a stressful time. It’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought. You have already handed over a sizeable chunk of cash to your solicitor, mortgage broker etc. You’re all set to move. You’ve planned your new kitchen, set a provisional date for house warming barbecue. What can go wrong?

Then you get the Homebuyers report. Bam! Suddenly, the ceilings ‘could’ be asbestos. The garage wall ‘could’ be asbestos. The heating ‘may’ contain asbestos.

At Vintec we get many phone calls every year from people who find themselves in just such a position. The fact is that most of the homebuyer reports are written by people with no formal training or expertise in asbestos. By flagging up the ‘possible’ asbestos they are ensuring they can’t be sued. When I bought my current house the homebuyer report flagged up four items that ‘could’ be asbestos. Not one of these was asbestos. The house did contain three other asbestos materials, one of which was quite dangerous, but none of these were mentioned in the report.

So, what should you do?

Speak to an expert like Vintec. We are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to conduct asbestos surveys, sampling and testing. We have our own in house laboratory so we can guarantee results quickly. In most cases, we can get the purchase back on track, put your mind at rest and give you clear, common sense advice that will keep you safe and minimise any costs.

What should you not do?

Go to online forums like Mumsnet and Money saving Expert. You will find plenty of similar asbestos queries on these sites but the advice given is 50% rubbish and 49% downright dangerous. Stick to experts with verifiable credentials like Vintec.

If we confirm an asbestos problem we can help you plan a way forward. Cost remedial works and help you negotiate a solution.

At Vintec we have a free help sheet specifically designed for domestic customers. It is available on our website or if you give us a call I will send you a copy.

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