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Keep your commercial building compliant against lead exposure

Why do I need a lead paint test?

  • Are you an employer who must protect your employees and teams from hazardous risks of lead poisoning?
  • Do you need to reduce the possibility of anaemia, kidney diseases and occupational cancers caused from poisonous lead paint?
  • Do you need to be completely compliant in order to keep your organisation up and running?







    Brilliant News!

    With Vintec Laboratories, you can GUARANTEE all of the above with a very simple lead paint test.

    Not only will you be avoiding lead paint risks, reducing the chance of life-threatening illnesses AND staying compliant with legal guidelines…

    …But you’ll also be monitoring the amount of lead that your employees absorb, as the overall aim of protection is to avoid inhalation, ingestion or absorption of lead from dust or fumes.

    By bringing in a Vintec expert to test the walls within your site, you’re identifying any gaps within your compliance procedures and preventing any excessive exposure to lead poisoning.

    Stay safe and book your lead paint test today.

    Do I need a lead paint test?

    Simply, yes.

    If your property was built before 1978, there may be lead-based paint on both the interior and exterior walls, which obviously could pose seriously harmful health risks.

    Many people assume lead poisoning is only a problem for small children, but anyone can be dangerously affected by exposure to lead. Admittedly, children under the age of 6 are more vulnerable, but lead can and does affect adults, especially after long-term exposure.

    To tackle the situation as soon as possible, Vintec guarantees a super speedy turnaround of 24 hours, so you can be sure that any emergencies will be dealt with quickly and at the highest standard – which is why big names like National Trust and Southern Water trust us!

    Book your lead paint test TODAY and prevent any serious consequences caused by overexposure.

    Who Are Vintec Labs?

    We have been safety testing since 1983.

    Vintec Laboratories was established in 1983, making it one of the longest standing Asbestos Testing firms in the UK. Our passion, customers, and team drive us every day to make everybody, no matter whether they are at home or work, safe and knowledgeable about the asbestos around them.

    That’s why we’re now providing lead paint testing. The risks involved with lead exposure are serious and can be prevented. Simply, we exist to keep the risk to a minimum.

    Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

    I highly recommend Vintec Labs!

    Great customer service, especially thanks to Anna Pasikowska (Business Development/Bulk Analyst), thank you for answering all my questions and help
    Marta M
    We had a house surveyed before we purchased and the surveyor raised concerns about a number of areas. Obviously we were very concerned and had Vintec carryout a prepurchase survey. They were quick and efficient and happily, all samples came back negative.

    Then, during renovation, we came across other materials we wished to get checked like fireboard in chimney vent and each time Vintec were extremely efficient with quick turn around and not expensive at all. We simply sealed the sample in a mylar bag with an accompanying note and posted it to Vintec Labs. They quickly sent through results.

    Very impressed thank you.
    Thomas Newell
    I work for a building envelope construction company, mainly working with Asbestos. Vintec Laboratories are the only company we use for asbestos analysis, due to their fantastic customer service, clarity of reports and their every effort to ensure our needs are met at the earliest availability.

    Fantastic company, we definitely recommend them!
    Ty Astridge
    As a laboratory, we have been using Vintec for several years and they have been a pleasure to work with. Very professional, friendly and helpful staff on the other side of the line as well as the analysts on-site. They have always kept us updated on the scheduled visits and have provided us with test certificates on-site, great service!

    Would definitely use again and would highly recommend!
    Wai Kuet
    Vintec have been very helpful and professional when undertaking air monitoring at our sites. Bookings are actioned timely with results available immediately upon completion of air monitoring. I have been able to discuss various queries with them at office level and once the analyst arrives on site, it is clear that they are aware of our requirements.

    Overall Vintec offer a professional service and we will not hesitate to use them for our future projects.
    Lewis Hunt
    Very fast turnaround and efficient service. We receive good feedback from our clients too after working with Vintec, and the prices are entirely reasonable.

    I needed a lead paint testing service to refer to in conjunction with my building surveying activity and Vintec are excellent. On one occasion in particular, Vintec carried out a test which resulted in my client saved several thousand by seeking further investigation before the exchange of contracts.
    Douglas Snell