What should you expect to receive from an Asbestos Survey and how much it will all cost? Scroll down for some ball park figures for types of property/survey combinations.

Type of Asbestos Survey

Management Asbestos Survey

A Management Asbestos Survey is used to identify asbestos materials that might be encountered during normal occupation and routine maintenance of a property.

In commercial properties a Management Asbestos Survey is essential for implementing an effective asbestos management plan. In domestic circumstances, these surveys are normally conducted pre-purchase, after issues are raised in the Homebuyers report.

Refurbishment Asbestos Survey

A Refurbishment Asbestos Survey is specifically targeted to identify asbestos containing materials that may be encountered during refurbishment or building works. The survey utilises intrusive or destructive inspection techniques to inspect under floors, within wall cavities and above ceilings etc.

The key to a successful refurbishment survey is a very concise specification. The surveying organisation must take time to understand the full extent of the planned refurbishment works to provide a survey that meets the clients planned project needs.

Demolition Asbestos Survey

A Demolition Asbestos Survey is similar to a Refurbishment Asbestos Survey but must identify, as far as reasonably practical, all asbestos within a property prior to demolition. The survey will use destructive inspection techniques to locate concealed asbestos and may require breaking into concrete floors and using specialist access equipment to inspect at roof level. The property will need to be vacated before this survey can be effectively carried out.

The Building/s

The size of the building, construction type, occupation levels, internal layout, age and building usage are all considered when costing up a survey.


Employing a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited organisation will always be more expensive than using a non-accredited company. But using an accredited organisation will mean you can have trust and confidence in:

  • quality control
  • staff training
  • staff qualifications
  • in-house technical procedures
  • compliance with statutory legislation

Read more here, as to why you should use UKAS accredited Surveyors.

Ball park costs

As above, surveys are bespoke, and priced according to various measures. Below are ballpark figures for the various property/survey types. Quoted prices are for whole property surveys. If the refurbishment only effects a few rooms then the survey would be targeted accordingly (and therefore less expensive).

Domestic asbestos surveys

Property type Management asbestos
survey cost
Refurbishment asbestos
survey cost
Demolition asbestos
survey cost
One Bed room flat in a block £200 to £325 £200 – £400 £250 – £500
Three bedroom semi-detached house £295 to £475 £325 to £500 £395 to £650
5 bedroom detached house £375 to £550 £375 to £650 £475 to £800

Commercial property asbestos surveys

Property type Management asbestos survey cost Refurbishment asbestos
survey cost
Demolition asbestos
survey cost
Small retail unit (approx. 1,000 sq ft) £225 to £325 £350 – £500 £450 to £900
Medium retail unit (approx. 5,000 sq ft. £500 to £1,000 £650 to £1,200 £750 to £1,750
Large retail unit (approx 10,000 sq ft) £1,000 to £2,500 £1,500 to £4,000 £2,000 to £6,000
Small warehouse (approx 2,000 sq ft) £300 to £550 £400 to £1,000 £500 to £1,000
Large warehouse with offices £450 to £750 £550 to £1,500 £900 to £2,000
Small office complex (approx 2,000 sq ft) £300 to £600 £475 to £1,000 £650 to £2,000
Medium office complex (approx 10,000 sq ft) £900 to £2,000 £1,700 to £4,000 £2,500 to £10,000
Large office complex (approx 50,000 sq ft) £3,000 to £10,000 £4,500 to £15,000 £5,000 to £20,000

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