• "A very professional outfit."

    Inviron, Brize Norton
    “Vintec is a very professional outfit. They consistently deliver what we need, when we need it.”
  • "Vintec are superb!"

    "No two ways about it, Vintec are superb!"
  • “Always professional and require minimal supervision.”

    Albemarle Independent College, London
    “The Vintec surveyors are always professional and require minimal supervision. Correspondence, response time and work onsite is always timely and accurate and the service is exactly how you would hope it would be.”
  • "Continually excellent service."

    “Many thanks for the continually excellent service you and your colleagues provide."
  • "Extremely well trained analysts."

    “The analysts are extremely well trained and have the technical skills and knowledge to answer any questions we might have there and then."
  • "I know I am going to speak to or see somebody I know."

    “I know I am going to speak to or see somebody I know. This is a huge reassurance as they are familiar with the school and buildings. They can work under minimal supervision which again leaves me to spend my time more constructively."
  • “Reliable service and test results quickly.”

    "Vintec provide a reliable service and test results quickly, including the more detailed R&D surveys. We have had some instances where results are needed within a matter of hours and Vintec have provided the service without any quibbles."
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