Our DIY Asbestos testing kit is proving to be very popular with domestic clients and tradesmen. Below we have attempted to answer the three most common questions that people ask us about the kits.

Will I be at risk if I use a DIY asbestos testing kit?

As long as you follow the instructions supplied with the DIY Asbestos Testing Kit it’s perfectly safe. The DIY asbestos testing kit is not designed for use with the higher risk materials that could pose a risk during sampling. Materials that must not be sampled using the DIY asbestos testing kit are:

  • Asbestos insulation
  • Asbestos spray coating
  • Asbestos insulation board (commonly referred to as AIB)

These materials are more fibrous (friable) meaning they are more likely to release asbestos fibre into the air when disturbed or handled incorrectly.

When dealing with higher risk materials we always recommend you use one of our fully trained Asbestos Surveyors to take the sample. Our Asbestos Surveyors are fully equipped to deal with these materials and can recommend remedial measures necessary to make the material safe. Having these materials fully assessed by a trained expert is very important as it will effect how they should be treated going forward.

The DIY asbestos testing kit is designed for sampling materials such as:

  • Textured ceiling coating (commonly known by the trade name ‘Artex’)
  • Vinyl and thermoplastic floor tiles
  • Asbestos cement
  • Bitumastic products

What are the benefit of using a DIY asbestos testing kit?

Save time and money with our DIY asbestos Testing Kits.

Cost – Our kits are perfect for checking whether non-friable materials contain asbestos. Save on the cost of a full Asbestos Survey!

Convenience – Using a DIY asbestos testing kit means you can take the sample in your own time, and don’t have to wait in for a surveyor.  If you would rather have an Asbestos Surveyor come and take the sample for you we can arrange visits at times to suit you, including weekends and evenings.

Will I still need an asbestos survey if use a DIY Asbestos Testing Kit?

Taking a sample of a material and sending it off for analysis is not the same as conducting an Asbestos Survey. A survey must be conducted by a qualified and experienced Asbestos Surveyor. This is crucial when you are planning refurbishment or building works. If you are employing architects and builders, they have a legal duty to assess the risk from asbestos before they start. Failure to conduct an Asbestos Survey could lead to asbestos being unknowingly released. Read our blog to find out more: When domestic renovation goes ‘asbestosly’ wrong.

If you have any other questions about the DIY asbestos testing kit or Asbestos Surveying please feel free to give us a call 01923 661144.







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