Whether your property is commercial or domestic, Vintec is your first point of call with any asbestos queries or concerns.

If you think you might have asbestos, need to remove asbestos or find out whether your asbestos is safe, please call us on 01923 661144 for guidance.

We’ll let you know whether you need a survey carried out, along with any other remedial work or compliance measures. We’ll also point you in the right direction for any other asbestos related advice you may need.

Our surveyors understand that asbestos can be an emotive subject – we strive to put any asbestos concerns to rest.

You may find some of our FAQs useful, but for anything that we’ve missed, please give us a call.








    Many of the Asbestos Surveys we undertake each year are carried out on behalf of property developers. This type of client generally falls into three distinct categories: Those looking to buy a property but wanting an asbestos survey first Those that have already bought a property and now need an asbestos survey to start demolition…

    Is it Licensed, Notifiable Non-licensed Works or Non-Licensed Works? First you need to decide whether the works are classified as licensed, notifiable non-licensed works (NNLW) or non-licensed works (NLW). Work on high risk or friable asbestos containing materials are likely to need a licensed asbestos removal contractor (LARC). Work on lower risk or non-friable asbestos…

    What should you expect to receive from an Asbestos Survey and how much it will all cost? Scroll down for some ball park figures for types of property/survey combinations. Type of Asbestos Survey Management Asbestos Survey A Management Asbestos Survey is used to identify asbestos materials that might be encountered during normal occupation and routine…

    So who should undertake your Asbestos Surveying and Testing? How do you check that the person/company doing the asbestos testing is competent and will offer independent advice? A quick Google search for ‘Asbestos Testing’ has thrown up 17 results on the first page: 9 Companies offer testing and surveying services but have no relevant accreditation…

    Buying a new home is a stressful time. It’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought. You have already handed over a sizeable chunk of cash to your solicitor, mortgage broker etc. You’re all set to move. You’ve planned your new kitchen, set a provisional date for house warming barbecue. What can go wrong? You…

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