Your asbestos survey team at Vintec will be qualified to BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) standards and operate to our strict UKAS accredited procedures.

All your asbestos surveys will be conducted in accordance with HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guidepublished by the HSE in 2012. This will assist you in meeting current legislative standards and in complying with CAR (Control of Asbestos Regulations) 2012.

UKAS Accredited Asbestos Surveys

UKAS accreditation is the only way you can get independent verification about the technical competence of surveyors working on your site. UKAS assessors look into all aspects of our business including training, equipment, insurance and quality control and assess all these against internationally recognised standards.

For the reasons set out above the “HSE Strongly recommends the use of an accredited surveyor”.

Types of asbestos surveys

Management Asbestos Survey

Refurbishment Asbestos Survey

Demolition Asbestos Survey

Pre-Purchase Asbestos Survey

Sampling Survey

Re-inspection Asbestos Survey

Management Asbestos Survey

A management asbestos survey is designed to locate and assess ACMs that may be disturbed or damaged during normal occupation and routine maintenance and installation. The assessment will include the likelihood of the ACM releasing fibre into the air which could impact the occupants of your site or building.

The survey will involve sampling of suspect materials to confirm the presence, or otherwise, of asbestos. All samples taken during asbestos surveys are analysed at our in-house laboratory. Having our own laboratory allows us to fast track samples and offer same day results when high risk or emergency situations arise.

Having a good management asbestos survey is the first crucial step in preparing an effective asbestos management plan for your building or organisation.

Refurbishment Asbestos Survey

A refurbishment asbestos survey is required before you undertake any refurbishment or improvement works in a building built before the year 2000.

It is crucial that the asbestos surveyor understands the scope of the planned refurbishment in order to accurately target the survey. The refurbishment asbestos survey can target individual rooms, whole buildings, or a single element such as a window (where the nature of the work is purely window replacement).

A refurbishment asbestos survey will require the surveyor to make intrusive inspections into any voids or cavities that will be disturbed during the planned works. This allows any concealed ACMs to be dealt with in a controlled manner before refurbishment work starts. It may not always be necessary to remove ACMs.

For many projects it will be sufficient to record the locations and condition of the ACM then take steps to exclude or protect from the working area.

Demolition Asbestos Survey

A demolition asbestos survey is a compete inspection of a building or area that is due to be demolished. As with the refurbishment asbestos survey, the surveyor will need to make numerous intrusive inspections to locate all of the concealed asbestos.

Demolition asbestos surveys cannot be carried out in occupied properties. We recommend the demolition asbestos survey is conducted as soon as the building concerned is vacated. This approach gives the maximum amount of time to plan and cost any asbestos removal works.

Pre-purchase Asbestos Survey

Buying property is a time when we all want to know what hidden liabilities we may be landing ourselves with. The pre-purchase asbestos survey is designed to take away some of the doubt.

‘Homebuyers’ reports are not carried out by asbestos surveyors! As a result, these reports tend to bundle up all manner of materials as ‘possibly containing asbestos’. They also fail to notice the more obscure asbestos containing materials that strained asbestos surveyor will pick up.

The pre-purchase asbestos survey has to take into consideration the fact that you don’t yet own the building. This means the survey cannot leave any trace behind. A more intrusive inspection can be undertaken

Having a pre-purchase asbestos survey will remove the issues that a Homebuyers report can bring.

Sampling Survey

A sampling asbestos survey is not strictly a survey. Our surveyor will visit your site and sample specific materials that you suspect may contain asbestos.  An asbestos sampling survey is ideal for identifying suspected asbestos containing materials where a full survey is already in place or not required.

The main benefit of a sampling asbestos survey is speed. Because we have our own in house laboratory we can offer very fast turnaround times when speed is of the essence.

Whatever your asbestos survey or sampling requirements give our firefly staff a call and they will be happy to help you choose the best option for you.

Re-inspection Asbestos Survey

A re-inspection asbestos survey is carried out to re-assess your currently held asbestos survey data. This is an important aspect of managing asbestos as it not only provides you with vital periodic updates but it also allows you to track the condition of ACMs so you can plan for any removal or remedial works that may be required.

We can provide you with costs and timeframes for re-inspections. We don’t advocate annual re-inspection but instead look to set re-inspection periods using a risk based approach.

If you manage or own commercial property and fail to effectively manage your asbestos you could be find yourself liable to prosecution by the HSE.








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