If you think you might have an Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) in your property,  don’t panic. Just because you have discovered asbestos does not mean you or your family are automatically at risk of exposure. The important thing to do is assess the material and work out what needs to be done to minimise any ongoing issues. If left alone it is likely to be perfectly safe. For it to pose a risk it would need to be disturbed in such a way that might give rise to airborne fibres.

What to do if you suspect Asbestos at home

It may be that you do not need any immediate action, but it would still be best to get in contact with the Vintec team – call 01923 661144 and one of our experts will be able to advise you on the best next steps.

If you have already had asbestos sampling or a survey carried out, then you should have received a ‘material assessment’ and recommendations which will be used to determine what to do next. Remember, asbestos removal is not always your only option – sometimes it is better to manage the asbestos in situ.

Below highlights some of the more common areas you might find asbestos in a typical household. Our trained Surveyors can spot and test any areas of suspected asbestos, with quick turnaround times.

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Prospective Buyers

Having an asbestos survey inspection undertaken on your home prior to either exchange or completion is now commonplace.

A management asbestos survey on a residential property is much the same as a home buyers valuation report or a full building survey, but with the onus being on asbestos materials within the home.

It is worth noting that a home buyer valuation report or building survey report is likely to only identify  the most obvious asbestos containing materials. Further asbestos containing materials are usually found when a management asbestos inspection is undertaken.

Read more about this in our blog post here.


“Very helpful staff, I enquired initially by email, all my questions were answered promptly. I am a private customer, not a business, so this was a first for me. I posted the material to Vintec and had the results in days. The service was swift and very smooth” – Laura


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