What is asbestos?
AAsbestos is a name given to a group of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals. The most common types of asbestos are Crocidolite (Blue asbestos), Amosite (Brown asbestos) and Chrysotile (White asbestos).
What are the detrimental health effects of asbestos?
AAsbestos has been proved to cause a number of diseases including lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma.
How do I know if my property contains asbestos?
AVintec can undertake asbestos testing surveys of both domestic and commercial buildings. The survey will detail all asbestos containing materials identified.

An easy reference risk assessment will also be included which will provide recommendations on appropriate actions to prevent anyone being exposed to airborne asbestos fibres. If a full survey is not required, Vintec can undertake sampling of individual materials and provide the appropriate reports.

I have an emergency, how quickly can Vintec get to me?
AVintec prides itself on the speed of its call out times. If you have an emergency situation, one of our mobile analysts will endeavour to get to you in 1-2 hours.
How do I get to work for Vintec?

It is the company’s aim to ensure that all employees have the knowledge, skills and technical ability to meet the required standard of job performance. We actively support and encourage the development of our staff via our in house training programme, involvement in on-going projects and further educational programmes.

As a successful company with continued growth, job opportunities frequently arise within Vintec. If you wish to be considered for any position within our company we would ask that you submit an updated CV to a.stirrat@vinteclabs.com.

We are currently operating an ongoing recruitment policy for the following positions:

  • Asbestos Surveyors
  • Mobile Laboratory Analysts

In conjunction with our Equal Opportunities Policy, Vintec’s recruitment procedure is governed by our principles of non-discrimination and is designed to achieve the best match between the candidate’s knowledge, skills and experience and the requirements of the vacant position.

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