Our dedicated team of site analysts conduct accredited air monitoring primarily related to  asbestos removal and remediation works. Our services include:

Four stage clearance testing

Reassurance, leak and background asbestos air monitoring

Visual inspection

Personal compliance asbestos air monitoring

Smoke testing

Perimeter asbestos air monitoring

Our air monitoring services are designed with the client in mind. We understand that scientific test reports are not always the easiest things to understand. Our reports are designed to be simple to read and provide clear and unambiguous results and advice.

Our analysts operate from a fleet of mobile laboratories so they can be completely self-sufficient on site.


Four stage clearance testing

Four stage clearance testing is a legal requirement following licensed asbestos removal works. As the name suggests, the four stage clearance is a process with four stages for signing off an area before it can be returned to normal occupation. The four stages are:

  1. Preliminary check of site condition and job completeness
  2. Thorough visual inspection of removal enclosure
  3. Clearance air monitoring
  4. Final assessment of work area and sign off

A four-stage clearance must always be conducted by an independent UKAS accredited analytical Company.


Reassurance, leak and background asbestos air monitoring

The above are routine types of asbestos air monitoring that can be conducted to establish background ambient fibre levels, check areas adjacent to asbestos removal/remediation works, and general compliance monitoring.

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is carried out as part of the four-stage clearance process. A visual inspection could also be undertaken to check on the completeness and effectiveness of non-licensed asbestos removal works, encapsulation of ACMs and following clearing of ground contamination.

Personal compliance asbestos air monitoring

Personal asbestos air monitoring is undertaken to check the exposure levels of people working with asbestos. Usually this will be operatives working on licensed asbestos removal projects but can also include for example:

  1. Ground workers working on contaminated sites
  2. People working in an industry that involves use the Asbestos (increasingly rare these days)
  3. Someone undertaking surveys or sampling for asbestos
  4. Excavator drivers working on contaminated ground

Smoke testing

Smoke testing is undertaken to test the integrity of asbestos removal enclosures prior to the removal works starting. The asbestos removal enclosure is filled with smoke from a smoke generator. The analyst then checks all seals, surfaces and adjacent areas for signs of smoke leaking from the enclosure. Once happy that all leaks have been remedied, the analyst will sign off the enclosure as fit for purpose and asbestos removal works can commence.

Perimeter Asbestos Air Monitoring

Perimeter monitoring is conducted to check airborne fibre levels around demolition, construction and remediation sites. The Analyst will assess the site conditions, prevailing wind direction and nature of works to devise a monitoring strategy that will provide suitable peace of mind to operatives working on the site, passers-by and occupants of neighbouring sites and buildings.








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