Asbestos occurs naturally in different forms, all of which are unsafe if exposed to them. Here we give you the 5 main forms asbestos and where we are most likely to find them:


The most commonly used form of asbestos, chrysotile can be found in the walls, floors, ceilings and roofs of a number of different homes and businesses.


Probably the most common form we come across at Vintec is Amosite, or ‘brown asbestos’. In its natural state, it is known as grunerite. Products that contain amosite include gaskets, roofing products, vinyl tiles and cement sheets.


Crocidolite fibres are very thin, meaning that they can lodge more easily into the lung tissue. Crocidolite asbestos-containing products include ceiling tiles, acid storage battery casings, insulation and fireproofing.


A rare type of asbestos, anthophyllite can be found in a number of construction and household products within the UK. Traces of it can also be found in vermiculite or talc products.


Although uncommon in huge quantities in nature, tremolite asbestos can be found in traces of minerals such as talk and vermiculite, much like anthophyllite.

We test for all types of asbestos here at Vintec, protecting you and you and those around you. Call us for more information at any time, we are always happy to educate, inform and support.

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